Erica Lee is a Korean American Entrepreneur advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve Global Problems.

Erica Lee is known in Silicon Valley as an AI Entrepreneur and Product Expert. She is mentored by Ray Kurzweil, known as "the father of AI" who referred her to Singularity University under a Google Scholarship.

She has natural talent for learning AI Research & Tools, understanding Market Landscape, and building Prototypes to Production-Ready AI for Features and Services to increase Revenue and Adoption.

Erica is the Executive Director and Founder of WomenOfAI.org, a nonprofit creating women leaders in AI. WAI is a global community of 1000+ members partnered with Universities & Companies to help women develop skills, results, relationships & careers in AI. WAI provides Education, Projects and Job Referrals.

Previously, Erica was the Tech Lead of AI Product Management at Apple.

Erica worked in Engineering to build AI Tools in Computer Vision, NLP, Speech Recognition, Reinforcement Learning for various Apple Products (iCloud, Siri, HomePod, CoreML, Retail, iPhone (Face Detection, Video Eng, Keyboard), Silicon Engineering Group, Hardware (Silicon Engineering Group, Neural Engine), Architecture, Site Reliability Engineering, Special Projects, and more).

Erica led the Product Development of 3 AI Tools that were adopted 5000+ users and integrated into Consumer Features & Services , using ML Frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch), Infrastructure (Cloud, GPUs), and Metric Tools to gauge impact & robustness for production scale AI.

Erica founded and built the AI Developer Database (ml.apple.com) adopted by 4000+ users, and AI Executive Committee adopted by 1000+ users.

She lead the Research Development of 6 AI Papers on Apple ML Research Journal viewed by 1 million readers. Erica also lead the AI Developer Events adopted by 5000+ users.

Previously, Erica was the Director of Partnerships at Silicon Valley AI , the largest SF AI nonprofit w/ 8000+ members hosting events on AI Life Science problems, sponsored by Google & NVIDIA and partnered w/ NIH, SRl, Stanford, Berkeley, and UCSF.

Erica was the Founder & CEO of two B2B SaaS startups in AI Agriculture, a platform for automatic crop detection with AI & aerial imagery, and Marketing Automation, a company that created over $1 million in sales in less than a year.

Erica was the Lead Product Manager reporting to the CEO at NeuroGym, an ecommerce company.

Before Tech, Erica was a Stem Cell Researcher reporting to the Executive Director at Harvard University, and the Lab Director at Johns Hopkins, and Financial Analyst reporting to the Executive Director at Morgan Stanley.

Erica studied Artificial Intelligence at Singularity University, Entrepreneurship at MIT Sloan, and Applied Math & Bio Engineering at Johns Hopkins.

Erica has been an AI speaker at Harvard, SRI, TechCrunch Disrupt and AI Frontiers. She is an Author/Contributor as an "AI Heroine" in The Ella Project, women's comic book sponsored by Deloitte CEO, and in 3 Billion Under 30, a book on Millennial Changemakers.

She is the winner of 2017 TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon prize for CVML for cars & 1st place BMW Startup Competition, 2016 NeuroTech for BCI seizure detection and finalist for Thiel Fellowship.

She advises and/or volunteers at Women In AI groups, such as Bionica Robotics, WiML, Stanford Women in Data Science, and collaborates with AI Networks, such as MIT CSAIL, School of AI, SV.AI, SF Machine Learning.

Erica's mission is creating AI accessible and applicable to global problems, and creating diversity and inclusion in AI.

Her life's greatest work will be creating and distributing AI-as-a-Service (AaaS) for 1+ billion people.

Personal Life

Erica's life philosophy is "Be. Do Give. Receive."

Erica is passionate about Self Empowerment of the Individual and the Collective.

Erica loves to build products & communities serving human empowerment and environmental sustainability.

She grew up with a natural fascination for technology, using her first computer at 5, first palm pilot at 7, first phone at 9, and first tech company at 13.

Erica is an Avid Learner and has read 1500+ books before she was 18. Her favorite books are Steinbeck's East of Eden, Fitzgerald's This Side of Paradise, and Coehl's The Alchemist.

She has 10 years of experience creating music with piano and violin, and art with paint, pastel, charcoal and clay.

Erica founded her first company in middle school where she helped students set up custom web profiles on MySpace & Tumblr and cloud storage on DropBox. She was the Valedictorian of her high school and earned a perfect SAT score.

Erica holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, has her art displayed in Denver Metropolitan Art Museum.

She is an ambassador for health & wellness companies Kopari Organic and NeuroHacker Nutrition.

Erica is based in San Francisco, CA and Palo Alto, CA.

Connect with Erica at erica@womenofai.org. Use subject "Hello from EL.ai, I'm <insert name>."


Hear from the Tech Community

Ray Kurzweil (Director of Eng and NLP @ Google)

When I meet someone who is a star, I tend to notice that right away and then have the opportunity to confirm that later in my first encounter and then over the months and years. That has been my experience with Erica Lee.

She is a one-of-a-kind individual and leader with an intense intelligence and well-deserved self confidence. She’s curious, intrinsically-driven, persistent, and deeply committed to creating scalable solutions for meaningful, global problems.

Erica has experience in leading teams and developing emerging technologies at scale. She has natural (product, marketing, sales, design) as well as deep, analytical thinking skills (applied math, engineering, CS, AI, data science).

I have been impressed with her deep insights into AI from my engaging discussions with her. She's a strong communicator and very organized. Her brilliant insights and determination are just part of the picture.

What makes Erica special:

  1. She is energetic, approachable, empathetic and operates from a place of knowledge, confidence, and compassion.

  2. She is humble and cares a great deal about her peers and the world at large.

  3. She has a genuine love for AI, Data, Cloud, SaaS platforms since childhood.

  4. She is an endless learner.

In the two years I’ve known Erica - I’ve seen her scale her 1st software automation startup to 6-figures, attend Singularity University (as my referral) with an AI project on Self-Driving Cars, launch her 2nd startup in AI for Agriculture, and become a known Speaker in the AI industry (recruited for a Harvard CS talk)

Adam Menges (Founder, lobe.ai acquired by Microsoft)

Erica has, among other things, a talent for bringing energy into the room. She has a vivid & infectious passion for her work, and she loves to educate individuals about technology and on how they can get involved.

Erica is a great networker, knows personal and professional details about her peers, and is able to bridge the gap between different communities.

Scott Penberthy (Head of Applied AI @ Google Cloud, former Partner at PWC)

Erica is an exemplary networker, with thorough preparation & crisp follow-through in building relationships. She's built a network of AI leaders - today's and tomorrow's innovators - more performant than her peers at this stage of her career.

She's a powerful connector, one of those people with 1,000 casual relationships with an uncanny ability to recall interpersonal details.

She'd be impactful in a business development, field marketing, partnership development or technical program management role where she connects teams.

At Apple, Erica’s created the AI brand through her work in the external Apple Research Journal & industry conferences.

What makes Erica special is her genuine passion for community and AIas channels for empowerment.

Sowmya Patapati (Stanford AI/CS Undergraduate, University Lead at WomenofAI.org)

Erica has built AI communities to bring diverse people together, as well as AI products to bring innovative products to market.

Erica is a wonderful super connector, with a genuine love for getting to know people and enable them to reach their highest potential.

Erica is also a wonderful communicator, and can express her intentions, needs and goals in multiple different formats.

I love working with Erica at WAI! It’s been a life changing experience as having Erica be my manager, teacher, friend and mentor.

Viktoria Rojkova (Machine Learning Engineering Manager @ Apple)

Erica is a pleasure to work with at Apple. She was a major contributor and our lead AI evangelist in an Applied AI project at Apple. Without her, we would not have been able to complete the project. Erica helped us find the right users, resources, people and milestones to launch a cross-functional AI project.

Doug Durham (Technical Program Manager, Data Science, Apple)

I wanted to express my gratitude for your support this year. The 2018 Data Science Summit was a great success. We had 131 presentation submissions for 7 available slots. Over 1600 Apple employees registered for 300 seats in Town Hall, and we had several hundred employees come to view the 50 posters at our poster session in Apple Park.

Thank you for your guidance and advice. I know that your schedule didn’t allow you to be as involved as much you would have liked, but you made real difference.

Pete Kane (Managing Director @ SV.AI)

I brought on Erica as ‘Director of Partnerships’ @ SV.AI and as an ‘AI Evangelizer’ because Erica truly embodies the passion, mission, and skills for advancing AI for global problems, especially with her background in stem cells/chem engineering, where at SV.AI we focus our events & hackathons on AI for solving Life Science problems.

Erica is able to identify team needs, strategize plans of action, and collect resources on behalf of the team to enable us to be more effective, impactful and enabled individuals working together for a collective purpose of AI for Research & Business applications in Life Science.

Harry Kloor (Bold Innovator Leader @ XPRIZE)

Erica is a fearless leader and innovator. I met Erica at a conference where she was the youngest attendee. At Abundance360, Erica spoke about working in AI. Two years later, she is working in AI as a lead at the largest company in the world, without a CS degree.

I feel honored to be Erica’s advisor and to see her grow her diverse skills, network and influence in the industry.

If you ever get a chance to work with Erica, take the opportunity. You will learn and grow in ways you never expected, and build meaningful things for others.

Full list of endorsements from leaders in the AI community